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Cable de micrófono. 100m.

(Código: 7XSP03N)
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Cable de micrófono. 100m.

Bobina 100m. Cable audio.

This microphone cable version has a double jacket, which allows its usage also with connectors having a small cable gland. The special PVC compound used for the jackets grants very high flexibility, abrasion resistance and water repellence as well as making the cable suitable for subflooring and anti-knotting.
The inner pair consists of two twisted conductors of electrolytic tinned copper, insulated by a high thermal resistance XLPE sheath to avoid warping or shrinkage when soldering. The connection of the ground contact is made easier by a tinned copper wire (drain wire). The shield consists of an electrolytic copper spiral, wrapping the twisted pair and the drain wire along the entire length of the cable.  This particular construction featuring the drain wire also improves the mechanical strength of the cable. The jackets are made of flame retardant PVC compound and allow the use of the cable even with very low temperatures.

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